Thursday, 13 October 2016

Good Night Wishes For School Girlfriend

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Good Night Wishes For School Girlfriend:

by @charlottejones99

Hi, my name’s Charlotte. I’m 16 years old and go to a small all-girls school in England. I have a large group of friends, and I get on with most people I meet. I have long brown hair, green eyes and I am about 5ft7in. I came out to my parents last summer, and at first they were a bit upset, but after a month or so they got used to it and didn’t really mind. I told them I was bisexual with my ex-girlfriend Amy's hand holding mine - she supported me the whole way through, but we split up about six months ago after she cheated on me twice. I was so sad that she did, but my friends helped me through the rough stage.

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The sound of the alarm clock rang through my head in my dream. It was a horrible noise, squealing at me to get up. I quickly snapped out it and opened my eyes. I had two new messages on my phone, both from my girlfriend who I’ve been with for two months. Jessica, her name is. She’s a lovely girl, and really good-looking, I’m surprised she’s with me to be honest - she could have done so much better. But anyway, I thought, don’t dwell on that. Think about how lucky I am.

I was running late for school, so I skipped breakfast and jumped into my mom’s car. At the school gates I met up with two of my friends, Annabel and Georgia. Annabel was a stunner - she had long blonde hair and a body to die for. Georgia was smaller and had short brown hair, with huge boobs and great legs. My group of friends were probably the coolest in our year because of our looks. No one at school knew that I was bisexual apart from Jessica, Annabel and Georgia. My parents agreed to not tell anyone as I begged them to keep it secret. Annabel is heterosexual, but Georgia is bi too. Annabel keeps on telling me that Georgia likes me, but “in my dreams” is the only response I give her. Georgia’s too hot to go for me, and she is way hotter than Jessica, even though I’m dating her.

My phone vibrated and it was another text from Jessica. “Please can you meet me at lunch? I need to tell you something.” I stated to get worried, but managed to stay calm until lunchtime. I met up with her at the back of the playfield. “Charlotte, I’m so sorry…” Her sentence trailed off as she started getting teary-eyed. “It’s not you, it’s me, it was never going to work out for us…” she had started to cry, and I couldn’t believe it. We’d been so close these past couple of months, and it was completely out of the blue. I couldn’t get a word in before she said, “I’m so sorry” and ran off crying. I was left there, watching her run out of the library and pull the door closed behind her. I felt useless. I was on my own and could do nothing. I was just gob smacked, I didn’t see it coming at all.

My friends found me crying in the girl’s toilet, and they were really shocked as well. They thought that Jessica and I were a great couple, and so did I. For the next couple of days I was kind of depressed, and to make things worse, Jessica was going out with a guy called Jonah the day after we broke up, but I got over it when I kept telling myself I was better than her anyway. We didn’t have much of a connection, I suppose.

The next day at school, Georgia ran up to me and pulled me into a massive hug. I really like that about her, she is so friendly and supportive. She smelt so good; I didn’t want to let go of her. She finally pulled back and we walked into class. I sat next to Annabel and the first thing she said when I sat down was “I saw that hug, she really does like you.” I dismissed it again, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She was driving me crazy. I told myself to forget about the embrace because it was never going to happen, me and her, but it was so hard. I was daydreaming about her for most of the lesson, and I was just wishing I could see her again.

Georgia was waiting for me at the school gates. “It’s Friday, do you want to come over to my place and sleep over tonight? We can order pizza if you’d like.” My heart missed a beat - I was overwhelmed. Georgia, the girl I had been thinking about all day, had just invited me round to her house. “I’d love to!” I replied, trying to make it sound more casual than it was. “Ok then, I’ll see you later, text me!” And she turned around and walked away. I couldn’t believe it, and I ran home to get ready to go over.